Jim Remembrances

March 26, 1956 – April 14, 2020

Click here for some history, including some songs that Jim wrote

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Any remembrance from any angle would be wonderful. It could be a funny story, a serious story, an appreciation of a quality, etc.

Update May 02, 2020 (Saturday): Last night we read the first batch of comments. Mom felt very comforted by them and slept peacefully. Thank you so much for taking the time to write something.

100 thoughts on “Jim Remembrances

  1. Dear Tim and Emily, may the Lord comfort your heart. He knows how much you all have suffered over these years. May He direct your ways in the coming year.

  2. Though this brother’s life was shortened, it bore such abundant fruit and produced so much building up, I believe the Lord must have eagerly awaited Jim’s arrival to be joined to the heavenly ministry, continuing where he left off in his earthly ministry.
    –” Thank You, Lord Jesus, for this gift to Your Body. “–

  3. Although I didn’t know your father that well, he was a very kind person and I’m sorry this happened to him.
    My sincere condolences to you and the rest of your family.

  4. Brother Jim was a serving brother when I was in Junior High and High School. He had such a gentle, kind and sweet demeanor. I remember him playing the guitar, singing and praising the Lord Jesus. As a young person I was always impressed by him because you could just tell that he loved Jesus with his first and best love. He wasn’t the loudest brother but I think his quiet, gentleness made more of an impression to me as a young person than someone who was loud. He was such a pattern to me of a dear brother who gave the Lord his best. I am going to miss him but I know that he is resting with Jesus. I’m praying for Carla, Amber, Tim and the rest of the Rodman family. May the Lord strengthen, supply you, comfort and fill you with peace!

  5. When I think of My brother Jim the picture that comes to mind is of a person who really loved and enjoyed the Lord. He seemed to always have a smile to offer you that was just so big and contagious. Of course we all who were in San Diego in the 70’s remember his wonderful guitar playing. Not so much his significant ability, but his exercise to play in spirit and blend and be one with the saints. He truly was one who exhibited Christ in his human living. We miss you Jim.

  6. Sending you all prayers and hugs during this most difficult time. I am so very thankful we spent the time with you all last summer. Memories forever. Love you all. 💜🙏🏻

  7. Amber, Carla, Tim and Emily, I have to say, I was not prepared for the emotions I felt when I read this and heard the singing from SD. Jim was always such a warm and genuine person. He had the Shepherd’s heart for people. Surely, he was a faithful servant who did not bury his talent…so many hearts and lives have been touched by him. May the Lord comfort your hearts as you go on without him on this earth. Love to you all, Abby and Tom Wolf

  8. Dear family, I have been praying for you along with so many saints . Now your dear one is at rest with His beloved Lord Jesus. May He hold You close and comfort and heal you these days. With love and prayers in Him . Margo

  9. You may not know me but, I was roommates with Carla and Melody in 1974 for five months till I was married. We were all around the same age. We all loved the Saturday Night Love Feast. There the brothers would play their guitars in unison. One Spirit, Praising God. When Rob wrote the music to the psalms it lifted the meetings to another level. Ed and will dearly miss Rob. Love you Carla. Grace to you all!

  10. A true lover of Christ and the church. Jim was always so kind to me growing up. Every time I came in contact with him he welcomed me with open arms. I’ll always remember him playing his guitar and speaking words of life to us young people at home meetings. We are with you in spirit rodmans.

  11. Dear Tim and Emily;

    So sorry to hear of the passing of your dad. You and the whole family will be in our prayers tonight.

    Much Grace to you both;

  12. We were deeply moved by our brother’s passing. In this brief time the Lord has granted to us,, to have the unspeakable privilege of being joined to Christ and the saints and to live His life, we are so grateful to have participated in our early church life with brother Jim and sister Carla. May the God of all comfort and encouragement, comfort your hearts.

  13. Listening to the song your Dad wrote is very supplying and encouraging. Much supply to you and your family during this time

  14. To the Rodmans,

    I am sad to hear that brother Jim passed. My thoughts and prayers are with sister Carla, Amber, Tim, and other family I may not have gotten to know.

    I cannot say that brother Jim is the one responsible for my spiritual life— what I can say is he was a major factor of my remaining and growing in the Lord in my developmental years. Not only did he teach me more than 50 YP songs I now enjoy, he set before me a living pattern of a testimony of Jesus.

    The Lord instructs us to give thanks in everything. I am thankful. Thankful for the years I was able to receive from brother Jim. Thankful to be in the Church. Thankful that one day, we can be co-kings with the Living and Resurrected Christ. Thankful that death, with all its power, cannot hold the resurrected life.

    May the Lord bountifully supply your family with comfort. I will miss brother Jim dearly.

    Rachel and I send our regards.

  15. I am sorrowed by your families loss. My mom Tracy Russell forwarded this to me.
    Our deepest condolences and support to your family during this difficult time.

    Chris and Angela

  16. I have too much to say right now and need some time to process this and write things down. For now I would just comment that I served shoulder to shoulder with Jim for over 35 years. He is such a pattern to me in so many ways. I love my brother. My tears I shed today were mainly tears of joy and satisfaction to have had the privilege to spend so much of my time with him in song, praise, prayer, serving and loving Jesus together.

  17. I’ve known Jim since I was very young. With his daughter Amber being one of my very dear friend, I spent a lot of time with the whole family. He was always there to help with a big ol’ smile on his face just when you needed it and treated me like I was one of his own. He will be greatly missed.

  18. We have wonderful memories.
    I listened to the first song. The strong strumming of guitars plucked a heart string. Jim was so useful to bring others into the guitar service.— splendid days.
    Our hearts are grateful for those early days in San Diego . We came along due to the service and hearts of the Rodmans.
    Yes, Jim and Carla ….you helped us to love the Lord to eternity ….

  19. Tim, sister Carla, and family,

    We are saddened to hear brother Jim’s departure. However, it is far better to be with Christ, where there is no more sorrow, crying, and pain, because the former things have passed away. And at His coming, He will bring brother Jim with Him, and we will be caught up together with him in the clouds to meet the Lord. Our hope is in Him. Please be comforted.

    We appreciate brother Jim’s service in the church life. Though Enoch was served by brother Jim only for a brief period of time, we were helped by him through fellowship about what attitude we should have concerning the young people and children. The Lord will honor his service. May the Lord Himself encourage you and supply you bountifully.


    Samuel and Samantha Huang

  20. Halleluiah that our dear brother Jim is now enjoying Paradise!!

    One of my special memories of Jim’s personal shepherding was when I was very deeply troubled. He shared something with me that was quite unusual, but it was the very thing I needed to hear!

    We all have fondness and appreciation for our very special brother Jim.

    Standing with you all in love and prayer.

  21. Our dear brother Jim,
    We love you and will miss you always. We thank and praise the Lord for a brother like you.
    We just pray that the Lord bless your family rechly!

  22. Dear brother Tim,
    I am brother Eddie Uy, the father of Edberg, and Marc Uy and the wife of sister May. My wife and I were just thinking of brother Jim, last week. We were asking each other how is brother Jim.
    We lived in Chula Vista, San Diego from June 2000 thru May of 2007.
    Bro. Jim took care of my 2 sons Marc Uy and Edberg Uy, in the young people on Saturday evening during those years. And the young people’s meeting captured the hearts of my 2 sons. They love the young people’s meeting. Now my 2 sons still love the Lord very much and are serving the Lord in their own ways. Praise the Lord for bro. Jim.
    He will have his crown from the Lord for his service to the Lord and the church.
    Praise the Lord for bro. Jim Rodman (your Dad) who went to be with the Lord in the early morning on Tuesday, April 14, 2020, H e has won his fight by finishing his course victoriously.
    1. For Believers who passed away:
    1 Th 4:13 But we do not want you to be ignorant, brothers, concerning those who are sleeping, that you would not grieve even as also the rest who have no hope. 1 Th 4:14 For if we believe that Jesus died and arose, so also those who have fallen asleep through Jesus, God will bring with Him.
    (For believers who die were considered by both the Lord and the apostle as sleeping)
    1 Th 4:17 Then we who are living, who are left remaining, will be caught up together with them in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air; and thus, we will be always with the Lord. ( Holy Bible Recovery Version)

    May the Lord comfort you and your family, bro. Tim
    Love in Christ,
    Eddie, May, Marc and Edberg Uy

  23. May our Lord Jesus, the God of peace and of all comfort be so real and dear to you all in this unimaginably difficult time. Standing with you in prayer.

  24. We’re with you and your family in spirit , dear Brother!
    Thank you for sharing such touching words.

    We love you and your family in Jesus Christ our Lord.

    Fernando and Martha Garcia
    And family

  25. Gracias señor por la vida de nuestro hermano Jim Rodman
    Por tu dispensar a través de el ha tu Iglesia..

    Te pedimos por una sobre abundante paz y subministracion de tu Espíritu a la Familia Rodman y a tu cuerpo señor Jesús..

  26. Hi Tim, Sorry to hear, your dad passed . I loved hearing those songs at the end of the letter. I met your mom and dad, in my teens. I was so touched by your dads heart . He really did genuinely love people. He brought us into the enjoyment of the Lord. It was so sweet!I was working full times and taking classes n the 70’s and would walk into a meeting and we would sing those psalms and love songs to the Lord . I was lifted up, brought into the enjoyment no matter, what had happened that day. Many times, its the love of the Lord, in songs that brings my cold heart back to him. Your dad wrote other songs for children’s meeting too. A song about Zachius, another song about, mans love being small ,Gods love being big. May your mom, you and Amber be strengthened through these next coming months.know you are not alone. We are with you in spirit. He is our Eternal hope! May all the fond memories of your dad sustain you, in the days ahead with all your planning . So thankful, I had the opportunity to know your dad! Love, Margie Beresford

  27. Carla, Tim and Amber:

    I will always remember Jim for his sweet and caring spirit. He really made a difference to the people around him and to my family. His kind smile in many of my childhood memories …where he will live on.

    Sending you much love,
    Monica (Cites) Duckworth

  28. I will surely miss our brother for his living spirit and joy he gave to all the saints. I do remember when he was composing those lyrics so many years ago. What can I say but it just seems like it was yesterday. Praise the Lord for the church life.

  29. Dear Tim, Emily and family,
    I met your dad at one of the early feasts held in San Diego. Paula and I had come there to help with the children’s singing time. We coordinated with your dad – this was one of the early conferences and he was overseeing the complex arrangements. One of the things involved moving hundreds of kids through the conference center to a larger room for opening time on the Lord’s day when more children were expected. It was carried out without a hitch and was a gentle, sweet almost military operation! I recall seeing lines of kids coming outside the conference area of the hotel and marching joyfully down the stairs with their teacher/shepherds out to a building in a lovely patio area by the docks. Oh wow, opening time was spectacular that day! At one point when the doors opened a lady from the hotel – standing on the patio was overwhelmed by the joyful noise of the children’s delighted voices coming out to her like a wave and asked sister Beno who was standing there, “what is going on in there?” Hallelujah was going on in there!
    But, what I remember the most is the times with your dad working out the plan. From this single encounter with him, I have never forgotten his gentle, and calm presence in the face of a very complex situation. He would appear in the room every singing time a smile. After the conference we got a hand written note on a lovely card from him thanking us for coming. I may still have it somewhere…I never wanted to part with it. Even though we did many more singing times over the years, I have the fondest thoughts of that time in San Diego interacting with your dad. I was left with the impression of the unmistakable fragrance of Christ with Jim that endures with me to this day!
    We are so sorry for the loss of your dear dad and we Thank You Lord for sharing with us our dear brother Jim.
    Cathy Walker

  30. I am so sorry to hear about Your dad,. I remember him with much love and thanksgiving. He had such a sweet love for Jesus. That fed and watered so many including me. We will all see and be able to fellowship in sweet reunion again in the future. Praise the Lord Jesus Christ.

  31. I’ve known Brother Jim Rodman since 1980 and the whole time I knew him he was always serving either with the young people of the church or in the tape room. I don’t remember ever seeing him idle. He was a sold out for the Lord in his service. He was a serving pattern to all!

  32. Brother Jim , a loving brother, is always in our hearts, in particular his caring for young saints. Now he is with our Lord peacefully and suffers no more. May sister Carla, Tim, Amber and family members be comforted by our Lord and the spirit of brother Jim.

  33. He is the Hope for all those who believe!
    So so sorry for your loss.. You all will be in my prayers as I know that having this long goodbye finally come to an end is hard to process. I didn’t personally know your Dad but through the music he wrote , I know he was constituted with the Life and Love from our Father . His Peace and rest be with you all.
    Love Carol

  34. Brother Jim Rodman, always smiling, always expressing the joy of our Lord. This is how we remember him. We thank the Lord for Jim’s portion serving with young people and genuine deep care for all saints. We look forward together to the coming of the Lord and reuniting as the Bride of Christ in the New Jerusalem. Love, in Christ, to the Rodman family and the saints in San Diego.

  35. Brother Jim was a loving and caring shepherd for the young people in the church. He demonstrated a great pattern for all of us. His devoted efforts for the Lord will be remembered by all of us. This wonderful brother will be greatly missed!

    O Lord, you are the all-sufficient God. Please be with the Rodman family to comfort and strengthen them.

  36. I first met Jim while he was still in high school. He had long hair and a sort of straggley beard. It turns out he had NEVER shaved. I thought that was so cool. I remember when he shaved it – no one recognized him at first. He was a great sport and enjoyed our bafflement.
    Jim was one of the sweetest young men I have ever known. He truly was – that is not hyperbole. He lived with my husband and I for a while — I loved having them there. When we left San Diego he bought my car — a 1951 English Ford Cortina. It was a rugged looking little wagon style car, with basically no muffler. I loved that little wreck, and I was glad Jim was it’s next owner. Maybe it’s last — I’m not sure.
    Jim was a talented song writer — I appreciate the clips you provided here for us to listen to. Thank you for that gift.
    I knew your mom also, of course. So sweet and so graceful. They were always the perfect match.

    My heart is with all of you. Rest In Peace Jim, our hearts remember you with love. So much love.

  37. Dear Carla and Family.
    Our thoughts and prayers are with you today. Steve and I have so many wonderful memories of Jim, in praying singing and being together.
    May the Lord comfort and keep you under his wing.
    He will be missed.
    Sincerely, Steve and Lorraine King.

  38. Wow…..so sad to hear. A beautiful song I remember … played and sang at the church in San Diego. I would so love to see a picture of Jim to remember him. God bless and keep you all.

  39. I am so sorry fir ur loss. I knew your mom from morse high school and got to meet your dad at some of our school get togethers. Great man. Prayers to your family

  40. To Carla,
    This is Carol Garza. I last saw you both in 2005. I am saddened to learn Jim suffered from dementia and from the virus. But he is now walking and leaping and Praising God for setting him free from his ailing body.

    Till we meet again, perhaps in the clouds of Glory, stay strong in the Lord and in the power of His Might showered with blessings and enveloped with the love of God, His Beloved Son, our Lord, Savior, and Deliverer JESUS and His Holy Spirit Who guides in the path of Righteousness.

  41. Dear Carla and Family,

    I am so so sorry for your loss. Praying the Lord will give you strength to heal and mourn during this extremely difficult time. You are in my thoughts and I will keep you in my prayers.

    Much love,

    Kristi Flint

  42. I pray you find peace and comfort in all the beautiful memories you have shared with your husband, Jim.
    I am positive that your devotion, strength, and unending love was felt by Jim each and every day of his life.
    With Love

  43. My heart is broken for you Carla. You will always be part of our Morse Tiger family! I am praying for you and the all of your loved ones. May God gives you strength to get through your time of need.

  44. I’m so sorry to hear about the passing of Brother Jim. I never knew him, but when I hit the play button and heard the song, a flood of memories came back. I heard and sang it for the first time as a college freshman in 1977-78. What a beautiful, sweet and joyful song it was! It was instantly one of the favorites among my peers, and of course such a powerful gospel message. I now feel so connected to Brother Jim just through that song. It ministered Christ to me in those days and still does today. Brother Tim, your father gave such a gift to the Body through that one song! We are praying for and standing with you and your family.

  45. Carla,

    Words cannot express my sympathy. I am so, so sorry for the loss of your husband.

  46. Dear Carla (one of my favorite people in the world).
    My heart goes out to you. I can only imagine how heartbreaking to not be at his side and then be quarantined. I do know you are tough and rise to any challenge. I also am reassured you have the support (even from a distance) of two terrific children you both raised. If there is anything at all I can do for you now or down the road please don’t hesitate to ask. I’m sending my love!

  47. We always appreciated your Dad’s positive and welcoming spirit. You always knew he would be there for you-he was a ‘rock’ in the church life. Mike served with him on Children’s meeting for many years and has very fond memories. He was greatly beloved by all the saints. We are sorry for your loss. Love Mike and Pam Givens

  48. I am truly sorry for your loss. Carla and family, my heart goes out to you in your time of sorrow.

    Melina Santana, former co-worker at Morse HS

  49. Dear Tim, Carla, Amber
    My heart goes out to you and your families. Jim was a great man. The world was a better place because he was in it. He was such a good man and dad. My clearest memories of him are of him playing basketball in the garage with Tim. You guys always seemed to be having such a good time. He was such a kind person. I am so deeply sorry for your loss. I am sure you have been grieving his loss slowly for a long time, but I know losing him for good is still a harder blow than you could have ever imagined. I can’t pretend to imagine how hard it is to not be able to be with your family at this time. You were all lucky to have each other. Jim will live on through all of you who love him so deeply. I send you all my love and will pray for your healing in your hearts.
    All my love, Ashley (Grand) Katz

  50. My deep condolences to you and the family. I was lucky enough to enjoy time with your Dad, while you attended the reunion. Jim was a dear, sweet man who was very proud of his family, and love you all very much.
    I am so sorry for your loss. I can’t imagine how difficult this was for you all. Now he is at peace, no more worries, no more pain.
    My thoughts and prayers for your Mom, that she gets through this without getting sick. Thank you for letting us know, Tim.

    Love and Sympathy,
    Lynne Pavlacka and my family

  51. Dear brother Tim,

    I’m so sorry to hear of you father’s passing. I recall years ago taking hospitality at your family’s home in SD when we brought some Irvine YP to visit over a weekend. If I recall correctly you actually gave up your bedroom for me. I remember your father as a brother filled with grace and so caring for the saints (and certainly given to hospitality). He is among that diminishing population of saints who came into the church life in the early days. My parents were among that number as well (mom just passed away a couple months ago). The 70s in the church life was indeed a special time marked by rich enjoyment of Christ in the singing of many songs written from the heart. Your father’s song is one of those, and I recall singing it often through my high school and college years…I think it likely contributed to the salvation of several people and was a regular staple in our gospel dinners over the years. Much abounding grace and knowledge-surpassing peace to you and your family in these difficult times. Standing with you as your fellow members in the body.

  52. Words can’t express how deeply sorry I am for your families loss. Your mom always talked about your dad and her husband with such kindness. She would tell me stories of when they first met. Please give your mom a hug for me. She is a amazing person !

  53. My dear Carla,

    My heart goes out to you and your family. You are one of the kindest and most loving persons I know, and your husband was blessed to have shared his life with you. I will never forget what you did for me when I lost my mother and my sister. Please let me know if there is anything I could do for you. You will always be part of the Morse family, and the staff still thinks of you as our friend; you were far more than a colleague in the years you were with us. You are always so selfless and give so much to others, but this is a time for the others to lovingly support you. Please remember that Jim is with God and will always be with you.

    God bless you and your family,
    Flo Mullins

  54. To the Rodman family:

    I’m so very sorry for your loss. I worked with your mom, Carla, at Morse High School.

    When my wife passed away in November of 2013 your mom was especially kind and thoughtful. She would always, very respectfully, check in with me, ask about how my three girls were doing, tell me that she was praying for our family, etc. It was so very appreciated. It was hard to see your mom leave Morse because she brought so much professionalism and positive energy, but of course we all respected the reasons for which she was leaving.

    My heart goes out to the Rodman family during this trying time.

  55. Carla, Tim, and Amber: Please accept my deepest condolences on your loss. I will always remember Jim being so sweet and nice to me whenever I was around him, and he always had a smile on. I know that he is where he belongs in Heaven receiving the grace and love of our Lord. I hope you and your family are doing o.k. Love, Frances

  56. Carla, our most deepest condolences for your loss from my family to yours. I know there are no words that can ease your pain at this time but know god is with you and hugging you during this very difficult time. Jim is now with him and he will also give you the strength hon one day at a time. I lost mom in October. I know….love and prayers being sent your way. Love you! Rosalva

  57. Carla,
    I am sending you a huge virtual hug. I am so sorry for the passing of your husband especially since you put your heart into caring for him. This beautiful tribute is a testament to his beautiful life and legacy. May you find peace in your heart and keep your precious memories close. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. The Morse family is with you in spirit and let our protective embrace comfort you.

  58. Hi Sister Carla, Sister Amber and Brother Tim,

    I’m Denise Chang (formerly Denise Du). Thank you for sharing the days leading up to Brother Jims passing with us.

    Brother Jim was always so kind and so shepherding; he had such a burden for the young people- so faithful and persistent to come every single week. I remember our young people meetings weren’t the same without him in the few weeks he didn’t come (when he was sick or busy, which was rare). And then when he actually couldn’t come regularly, near the end of my high school yrs (2011ish), it’s like the meetings fell apart… they weren’t the same. I remember Brother Jim already had some medical history, back then, and we missed him dearly. He was always in Christ and living the Lord so genuinely.

    I’m so sorry for your loss, and deepest condolences, but so thankful that he had such strong support as a family and was strong in spirit. He is so faithful and the God of love and mercy. We praise Him in every situation.

    Psalm 147:3   He heals the brokenhearted. And binds up their wounds.
    Psalm 147:5  Great is our Lord, and mighty in power; His understanding is infinite

    May He lift us so we may see further. I’m currently in Georgia, living with my husband, and meeting with the saints here in the Church of Atlanta. Whenever you’re in the area, please let me know. We’d love to have some sweet fellowship, provide hospitality should you like to stay, mingle with the saints, and show you around the area. May the Lord give you superabundant strength and peace.

    Much love and prayer, Brother Jay and Sister Denise Chang

  59. Dear Carla, Tim, and Amber,
    The Lord has always been sweetly expressed through your family. I can not remember a time of not seeing Jim and Karla smiling . I was always so touched by watching you care for the saints, me included. Through our prayer times we are all standing together in the body. I hope you will sense this support at this time. Thank you to the Rodman’s for your shining testimony. Jim will be missed but his smile will always be in my memory.

    Love you guys and I pray that a moment does not go by that you do not sense the Lord’s loving presence.

  60. Thank you Lord for Your faithfulness, our brother rests knowing that he lived a life full of meaning and eternal value, for Christ and the church. Thank you for preserving and renewing our brother’s spirit until the day he was to meet you. Thank you for releasing him from all suffering to be resting with You.

  61. I worked with your mom, I met your Dad during happy school celebrations, and I once met you in the school office. There are just no words . . . so thank goodness there is a God who now holds your Dad in his loving arms and offers relief to your grieving mother. I feel your pain and the collective pain of your family due to this loss and separation. Bless you all and know that with time and love this will recede and only the golden memories will be left. Love to you, Carla. Lyn.

  62. Praise the Lord !!!

    Lord, our brother Jim is resting with You!
    Thank You Lord that he has finished his course gloriously.
    Comfort family members and bless them with heavenly blessings…

  63. My children and I have known the Rodman family for at least 35 years, probably closer to 40, and have many cherished memories of and with them. Here’s just a few examples – when my children were 9 and 11 as I recall, Jim and Carla invited us to join them on their family vacation – camping in the Palomar mountains for several days. We had a delightful time. It was a huge sacrifice of their own family time to include us but on our side, it met a great need. It was so pleasant being with Jim, Carla, Timothy and Amber – hiking, fishing, cooking dinner over a camp fire, singing and…on the way home, creek rafting using inner tubes! You can imagine the fun we had! The trip photos still make us smile. Secondly, years ago when Carla and I worked together at San Diego High School, a serious situation occurred causing a variety of concerning symptoms among the office staff after a lighting retrofit project was completed. As time went on, new symptoms manifested and some existing ones worsened. Several weeks later, experts were called to investigate. The problem was discovered and fixed (it was serious, even life-threatening to some) and in the restored environment, all our symptoms left within days. In the midst of this mysterious and troubling problem, Jim sent typed and printed verses to me via Carla about the Lord being our shield. As I recall, there were two pages of verses. Those verses, and the heart of our brother to send them, ministered greatly to me. To Carla’s and my knowledge, none of the staff suffered permanent injuries from the environmental problem. The Lord was a shield to us all. Amen.

  64. Dear Carla, so sorry for your loss. May God give you and your family strength in this difficult time. God Bless.

  65. Lord, we thank You for our brother Jim, and we pray that our sister Carla, Tim, and Emily, Amber, and their families remain comforted in You, as their God of all comfort (2 Cor. 1:3-4.), and remain supplied in Your resurrection life (John 11:25).
    In His love and prayers for each of you,
    Walter and Karen Baumwoll.

  66. The words to this song of Jim’s personal testimony posted in your letter are a dear portrait of our brother Jim. How we love our Lord Jesus!!!
    Thank You Lord, for giving us this beloved psalmist who wrote words that expressed our experience of You as the One who is everything we need, everything we want!
    Thank you, Tim, for putting the song with all the singing, guitars, and enjoyment we all experienced singing with our hearts to the Lord!!!!!!

    Jesus the Lord was just a fairy tale to me,
    Just a name that grew up with me.
    I heard that He had died upon a cross for me
    Just a thought that got me to think.

    What is man that you should love him?
    Why even let him know you’re there?
    Nobody knows how to reach you,
    People talk of many ways,
    But they don’t really care.

    But then one day I heard those words I heard before,
    Just the same, but now something more.
    The word of life took hold of something deep in me,
    In my heart, the cry wouldn’t cease.

    Jesus Lord, I really want you,
    Please fully open up my eyes.
    I need to see to look upon you
    O Lord Jesus, trusting you,
    I call from deep inside.

    Now I must tell you that this Jesus lives in me,
    Every day, His life is so sweet.
    And now this person with His personality,
    Brought me home to God’s family.

    Praise the Lord, Jesus we love you,
    Everything you are is all we need.
    Since as love, you flowed into us,
    Well just go on loving you
    For all eternity.

  67. The Lord be will all of you in this difficult time. We are praying that the Lord supplies and gives your Mom extra antibodies!

  68. Praise the Lord for the life of our brother Jim, a life faithfully loving the Lord Jesus throughout his life. He is precious to the Lord and to His Body. We are standing with you all and praying for you. May the Lord be the Shepherd of your souls as you go through this time.

  69. My dear friend Carla I pray for you and your family! Your husband was a great man of God like my dad and he surely has his wings of glory now with the Lord. May Hod strengthen and bless you all in his warm embrace and love!

  70. Tim, I received this from Tim Hardy.

    Much love and appreciation for Brother Jim always and forever.

    I am writing this as I listen to these beautiful songs provided.

    Brother Jim always had a heart to be with the young people and that’s how I remember him…..with his guitar, enjoying the Lord.

  71. Dear brother Jim, thank you for your decades of faithful service and pouring out to the church. We have benefited so much from your faithfulness with sister Carla in the shepherding care you both have rendered to so many young people; which included our children, Liz and Tim, in San Diego. You have now rested from your labor, we miss you, we miss your smile, we miss your love to the saints, but we look forward to seeing you again. May our and your dear Lord meet the needs of sister Carla and your dear family. May the Lord supply, support and strengthen you all in this time. May the God of peace Himself sanctify us wholly, and may our spirit and soul and body be preserved complete, without blame, at the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ (1 Thessalonians 5:23).
    — Paul and Mercy Kung

  72. Dear Rodmans,
    Woody and I are praying for our heavenly father to comfort your hearts. Jim will be missed,but the wonderful memories will keep him so close to each one of you and to those who had the opportunity to know him. I enjoyed very much attending the Saturdays YP meeting. He played the guitar in his spirit in a marvelous way. He was very calm and very caring with the young people. He knew how to care for people. I am thankful to the Lord for Jim being a wonderful pattern. Oh Lord, comfort and supply the Rodmans.

  73. Carla and family my heart is heavy hearing the news and it’s taken me several days to send this note. Mostly because this situation is so close to home for me as I struggle to care alone for my husband with the same condition , They quarantined the nursing home and I took him back home. We have been close different periods since our childhood and we met several times again over the years that are not just coincidences . You are part of my true family . I love you when u are far or near. Jim was a special soul and he will be missed . May you find solace knowing he’s in special hands no longer in pain. Big hugs to all ! ❤️❤️

  74. Mrs. Carla,
    Wishing you and your family peace to bring comfort and courage to face the days that lay ahead and loving memories to hold in your hearts forever. Prayers and condolences to you and your family.
    💛Mrs. Jessica Castro Untalan, Morse Tiger Cub Preschool

  75. Brother Jim was a great shepherd and a great role model for young people. His devoted service to the Lord will be remembered. And he will be missed dearly by many youths and saints. May the Lord comfort and give abundant grace, mercy, and strength to his family. Amen!

  76. Tim, I’m very sorry for such a loss. Your post shows deep love for your father. Want to say that not only you miss him. Job 14:14, 15 in of the translations says this : If a man dies, can he live again? I will wait all the days of my compulsory service Until my relief comes. You will call, and I will answer you. You will long for the work of your hands. Those words clearly show that God mourns with you and longs to see your father in the time of resurrection.

  77. When I see Your heavens, the works of Your fingers, / The moon and the stars, which You have ordained, What is mortal man, that You remember him, / And the son of man, that You visit him? (Psa. 8 :3-5)

    Dear Rodman family,
    I am eternally grateful for your love, friendship, and portion of Christ since I met Carla and Jim in the college meeting at San Marcos when I was a student first coming to the church life back in 2010. I can only praise God for people like you and that more will follow in these steps. My heart go with you and pray that you’d be strengthened… Much love!!!

  78. We were really bless with his talent of music singing and playing his gutair. We meet in high school with carl a and out group of high school kids that truly was a blessing to keep us safe from the world. I am sorry for the loss but he will never leave our hearts. Would love to talk to Carla when she is ready. Mine prayers are with you all. Love and hugs to all of you.

  79. Carla, Amber and Tim
    I write this in fondest memory of your father, as I sat beside him with my guitar while we learned and sang his songs to the Lord and in his church! They will never be forgotten and we treasure those days of our youth like none other. Jim had the anointing of the Lord as he wrote the music to these psalms. May the Lord Jesus bless your family and may you be assured that we will continue to sing these songs till we all are together again! What a beautiful legacy he has left. His music is eternal …Carla…the Lord comfort you ….
    Jann Grisolano

  80. Dear Rodman Family,

    May the Lord bless you! Brother Jim will be dearly missed.
    I’d like to reflect on how instrumental he was in my life as a young person growing up in San Diego in the late 1980’s.

    He was very approachable and never judgmental, always taking interest in anything you had to say as young person.
    My key years with him were as a sophomore through senior high school years.

    A couple of the most memorable times were:
    Once, after a young people’s meeting, we went to the mall to speak about the Lord to other young people.
    He was so given to shepherd the young people in leading the young people’s meeting with his speaking, singing and guitar playing.

    He would also transport us young people to the conferences.
    Another time after returning from a conference, we were going to speak to my friends on the high school campus about the Lord.
    He shared with us that he himself enjoyed the Lord as young person, so he was very easy to relate to.

    One of summers while I was a junior, he taught guitar lessons, of which, still help me today as I persevere to learn new young people’s songs.
    Over the years, growing up as an adult and fellow brother Lord, it was always so encouraging to see his smiling face in trainings and ask how he was doing.

    Dear Rodmans,
    May you find comfort and peace as our dear brother is now with the Lord in Hymn 562, stanza 4:

    Now rest, my heart, the work is done,
    I’m saved through the Eternal Son;
    Let all my pow’rs my soul employ,
    To tell the world my peace and joy.

    Take care, your brother in Christ, Max Reymer

  81. Dear Rodman Family: We truly send our heartfelt condolences. Although we haven’t seen your family for many years, you all have been in our hearts. We know that the last few years have not been easy. Jim was always such a joy to be around. From the days that Alan Lucero brought him to the church, and the time he lived with us on Judson Way in La Mesa, (across the street from Ed and Marilyn Moore) and again with us at the house on Vista St. in Kensington, he was always cheerful, helpful, and, of course, full of the joy of the Lord, ready with guitar in hand to strum and sing and build the brothers and sisters up with songs, hymns, and spiritual songs, helping us make melody from our hearts to the Lord.
    We are so thankful that the Lord gave Jim and the rest of the music team to us for a short time of our stay on the earth. They gave us the ‘signature’ guitar strum, which was a strong and definite cue to begin praises, bold and with gusto, exuberantly and in unison: reminding us to sing to the Lord from our spirit. “Oh how good and how pleasant it is when brothers and sisters dwell together in unity!”
    We were introduced to the word of God with singing and it was imprinted into our memory–we’ll never forget! And to this day, we still sing these songs, joyfully, with Jim’s “Testimony Song” being our best and favorite one.
    Thank you for including the “Testimony Song” and the demo recording that we put together so many years ago to share with the other churches–oh what a time it was!
    We will miss Jim and are blessed to have known him and thankful that he left this beautiful legacy of anointed singing to the Lord. Love, Sandy Samoff

  82. My heart goes out to the Rodman family and all of his friends. I too with so many other people have many fond memories of Jim. I believe Jim was 17 years old when we first met way back in the early 70’s.
    Jim was special, he was totally given to the Lord Jesus from the get-go. Jesus called him and Jim never looked back. He was always an encourager and eager to serve. I am so grateful I had the opportunity to have known Jim. Yes, it was many years ago, but I still remember very clearly how we prayed together, read God’s word together and how we labored together in the gospel, and grew in Christ together. Truly sweet meaningful memories.
    Carla, you too are very dear to our heart. Your loss is ours as well.
    Yours truly,
    Willie Samoff

  83. Jim is a dear brother in the Lord! He is definitely in God’s presence! Jim and. I spent years together in San Diego. We sang psalms, hymns and spiritual songs together before we were even married! We spent hours putting music to God’s word in the psalms. These psalms with the music blessed everyone who heard it! It was anointed through the Holy Spirit! God Himself got all the glory! We just enjoyed praising the Lord together. It was pure joy from the Lord Himself! It was simple open nothing hidden it was literally a taste of heaven on earth! No one received any credit. All credit and glory belonged to God Himself!
    All of us as believers will be singing and praising God with Jim again in the New Jerusalem!
    Although we grieve his earthly loss we have joy of his heavenly gain to be in God’s presence!
    To God Be The Glory!!!

  84. From Fu and Tina Ding from San Diego: We moved to San Diego in 2013. We did not know Brother Jim well but we had enough interactions with him to testify of his heart for Christ and the church. One of the first times we met Brother Jim was in a yp meeting in Carmel Valley. It was odd to us that we never saw Brother Jim in our district meetings – until we found out that he met in another district. We were so impressed that Brother Jim faithfully drove every Saturday evening to be with the yp in our district. His living and service really convicted us. We miss this dear brother and wish we had more opportunities to be built up with him.

  85. Dear Bro Tim and Rodman family,
    I only got to know Bro Jim a brief time when I was in San Diego, but his kind and gentle spirit made a lasting impression on me. Your testimony of his life was most inspiring. Thank you for sharing this for our benefit. May we all aspire to be a faithful slave of the Lord as Bro Jim.

    P.S. Can you share the lyrics of the hymn he wrote? What I could make out was wonderful.

  86. Thank you saints I do know these songs the lord be with your spirit joe Fitzpatrick died may of 2019 The lord bless you and keep us all in the one new man we will go on loving him for all eternity

  87. Dear Rodman Family,

    I have been considering for weeks what to write, how to sum up what Brother Jim meant to me. I am still at a loss. My heart is still raw. I loved your father so much. From the bottom of my heart I want to thank you all for sharing him with me and so many others. He touched my in life in so many ways.

    I got to know Jim and Carla when I was living in La Mesa working a challenging job in a difficult period of my life. I was blessed to be in Jim & Carla’s home meeting and be cared for by both of them in a very human way. So many memories come back to me from those years: cooking for the home meetings, staying in vacation rentals for the Trainings, video calls with Maria in Europe, remodeling the house (sorry if you don’t like that “hole” in the wall – that was my idea!!), so much fellowship over chips & guacamole, comparing notes about hikes we took or wanted to take, taking me out for meals and fellowship, a bouquet of flowers on my doorstep when I came home from my grandmother’s funeral, and on and on it went.

    Brother Jim was so human but also such a lover and pursuer of Christ. I count it a privilege untold to have known Brother Jim and to have been touched by and be cared for by him.

    love, Laura (Franz) So

  88. Yes, Tim, your dad was a sweet, dedicated servant of Christ. You’d do well to follow him! He was also a gifted musician, a little bit like the sweet Psalmist of Israel. All of us in San Diego who experienced his musical accompaniment will remember both him and it fondly. I remember your dad as a 15-year-old kid (as well as a young adult) who, even then, had a distinct devotion to the Lord Jesus. In fact, I remember his devotion to the Lord being so complete that your mom couldn’t figure out if he still loved her, and she almost began seeing someone else?(when she was in her late teens. Your dad was as singular for your mom (from before I met him) as he was for the Lord Jesus.). It drove your mom to frustration and anger because she also loved him but became clueless during those many years as to whether his heart had changed. It only became clear when another sister—-trying to get your dad’s attention—-tried, indirectly, to give him some chocolate chip cookies (through another brother). When the brother presented the cookies to your dad, your dad beamed a huge smile, opened his arms and said, jokingly, “Oh, Allen! I didn’t know you cared!” To which the brother responded by pointing to the sister who was attempting to give your dad the cookies. Your dad then reacted as if the cookies were an abomination and would violate what was, to him, a personal covenant of love which he was steadfastly maintaining in his heart which even your mom was not certain was still there over those years. It really is a sweet love story, but I thing he testifies well of your dad’s constant singularity of heart. Now, thankfully, your dad is with his FIRST love!

  89. What I remember most about brother Jim is His Love for the Lord . He would always greet you with his loving smile, which showed how much our dear brother loved the brethren! When Brian I can back in 2017 . Jim greeted us with that loving smile, We were so touched He remember us. Seeing He hasn’t seen us in almost 40 years!!

  90. Uncle Jim will always be remembered well as a great husband, dad, uncle, brother, grandfather and person. Sending you guys all our love and hugs.
    Love, all the Hassetts

  91. Dear Rodman family,

    We love you all. Brother Jim was a wonderful God-man pattern of John 21– of loving the Lord and shepherding the saints, especially the young people. I remember singing “Lord Jesus, You’re Lovely” during one YP meeting. At the end of the song, brother Jim asked us to ponder on the words “You’re radiant.” He was one who experienced the radiancy of Christ because he just radiated Christ to us. I could see it in his face that night and it also made me want to know the Lord as the radiant One. He didn’t judge us for being quiet or talking too much or goofing off during the meetings. He just loved us and fed us with Christ, serving faithfully until the end. I’m thankful that the Lord gave us such a pattern of loving the Lord first and of shepherding the saints selflessly. He was precious to the saints and to the Lord and he finished his course victoriously.

    Stanza 3 from the same song exemplifies our brother’s testimony and living: I give my life to You, Lord,\For You alone are worthy.\There’s nothing and there’s no One\That I desire but You.\May all my days be Yours, Lord,\My heart be given to love You,\To treasure and to serve You\By Your sufficient grace.

  92. Dear Carla, Tim, Amber and Sammy,

    I read through each touching posting and was prompted to add mine as well.
    I remember migrating with my family from the church in D.C. in July of 1977 to be in the church in San Diego. What I encountered in the first meeting swept me off my feet! I beheld with much joy, a large group of guitarists in a circle, both singing and playing robustly from the Psalms and our brother Jim was leading! This was to be the beginning of a church life honeymoon in San Diego, that included considerable serving along with my brother Jim as well.

    I first found myself serving with Jim in hall maintenance, then as the years progressed, serving with him in junior high, high school, and college meetings. I especially looked forward to you, Carla, and Jim coming, loaded with homemade food along with other couples, for feeding the young college students who came to enjoy the Lord in our home meeting. What joy that was to all of us!

    I really looked forward to the many times of singing and fellowshipping we had in each other’s homes and in our prayer meetings and Lord’s Table meetings over many years. I particularly treasure being able to share lodging with Jim in Anaheim for one of the yearly trainings, praying together over the riches poured out. Visiting Jim in Elmcroft, bringing other saints to visit, singing and psalming with our hearts to the Lord with him was a treasured memory of the church life I had never experienced before. I rejoice that I was able to share at least some time with this man of preciousness before he went to be with our Lord Jesus.

    I pray that you, dear saints, take comfort in the realization that Jim surely finished his course and has a crown of righteousness awaiting him! May we all take heart at the knowledge that his life touched countless people richly and positively, and that he is now in fellowship with many whom we all know and who have already gone before us.

    Steve Hardy

  93. Bob ”the” Bird
    I still constantly sing those old 70s hymns to myself to this day! Yes, Jim had a big influence on the music of those days, in CISD. That was a time of my life I will never forget.
    I remember the time Carla’s name got misprinted in the phone list as ”Carka.” We laughed over that.
    I used to go to Jim and Carla’s house for morning watch, when I lived near them. We decided to give Charles Hennesey a call. Answering machines were very new at that time. We got a recording for ”Hennesey’s Window Service.” Charles later commented that he heard us laughing in the background!
    It was good to see so many saints on these replies that I haven’t heard from in so many years!
    Life to you, Carla, and all the saints in San Diego!

  94. Every Saturday evening, Brother Jim and Sister Carla would arrive early to our Young People’s meeting. He would be in a tucked-in dress shirt, Bible in one hand and guitar in the other. Sometimes, Sister Carla would even bring cookies. Our numbers dwindled occasionally, but their presence never wavered. As we navigated the uncertain and complex world of adolescence, the YP meetings represented a piece of home.

    Each week, Brother Jim would share a lesson from the Bible. I can no longer remember all the stories, but what has stayed with me is the conviction and energy with which he spoke. You could tell that whatever he said, he meant from the heart. He loved to periodically ask us “Isn’t that something?” while smiling from ear to ear. His excitement in proclaiming the Word of God couldn’t be hidden if he tried. Even when it was hard to tell if any of our teenage brains were paying attention, our leader was unfazed, continuing with his story of Esther or Peter or Enoch without the slightest hint of waned energy. He must have believed that sowing was as important as reaping. He gently encouraged us to speak up and pray, and it was impossible to say anything that was not met with toothy “Amen” or “Hallelujah.” Still, we never felt pressured to act in pretense. Just like the Lord, he met us where were at.

    In addition to dispensing Biblical knowledge, Brother Jim also imparted practical wisdom. When we complained about too many guitars drowning out the singing, he simply responded “that’s how you learn to play.” When we complained about parallel parking, he grabbed the two nearest morning revival books and illustrated a fail-proof technique. I can still hear him saying “it works every time,” beaming.

    There was one time when we were reading a booklet called “God, Education, and Character”, during which I distinctly remember him expressing a glimpse of confusion at why character came after education. It was an endearing reminder of his humanness.

    When I drove to their home after hearing of Brother Jim’s illness, I was stunned by all the beautiful things he had built in their home. All those years, he never once so much as mentioned his extraordinary craftsmanship. We sat down to chat for a bit and he reminded me of something that I had said in one of our YP meetings years ago. Again, I was amazed that he would remember something so insignificant.

    Brother Jim may no longer be here with us, but his memory lives on in all of the people’s lives he touched, young and old, and in small ways and big. I can still picture his smile—so genuine and so warm— and that should be reason enough for us all to smile as well.

    [I lived in San Diego from 2006-2011, during which time Brother Jim and Sister Carla served the Young People.]

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